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Important Dates
Cross Country

Sep. 3 at Linn

Sep. 10 at Home

Sep. 13 at Home (JV)

Sep. 17 at Home

Sep. 20 at Pike Valley (JV)

Sep. 24 at Rock Hills

Sep. 27 at Home (JV)

Oct. 1 at Home

Oct. 4 at Lakeside (JV)

Oct. 8 at Wakefield

Oct. 15 at Home

Oct. 18 at Blue Valley (JV)

Oct. 22 at Southern Cloud

Oct. 25 at Home (JV)

Oct. 28 at Home

Aug. 31 at Blue Valley

Sep. 7 at B&B

Sep. 11 at Riley County

Sep. 14 at Home

Sep. 18 at Belleville

Sep. 21 at Washington

Sep. 28 at Axtell

Oct. 5 at Home

Oct. 12 at Linn

Oct. 16 at Washington

Oct. 28 Sub State

Sep. 4 at Marysville

Sep. 11 at Wamego

Sep. 16 at Onaga

Sep. 23 at Bellevile

Oct. 2 at Centralia

Oct. 9 at Lenardvill

Oct. 14 TVL

Oct. 30 State



Dec. 2 at Pike Valley

Dec. 3 at Washington

Dec. 4 at Washington

Dec. 10 at Home

Dec. 14 at Home

Dec. 17 at Bern

Jan. 7 at Onaga

Jan.11 at Frankfort

Jan. 25 at Home

Feb. 4 at Home

Feb. 8 at Blue Valley

Feb. 11 at Home

Feb. 15 at Home

Feb. 18 at B&B

Feb. 22 at Washington


Apr.4 at Washington

Apr. 8 at Bennington

Apr. 19 at Belleville

Apr. 21 at Washington

Apr. 26 at Washington

April. 29 at Beloit

May 6 at Lincoln

May 16 at Frankfort