Tons of Flowers

Gardening Plants

Potato Plant

If you like gardening and potatoes this is the plant for you.

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Tomato Plant

If you hate buying tomatoes then just grow your own.

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Carrot Plant

If you have bad eyes just try eating a carrot. They are the best vegetable ever.

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A fern is a beautiful plant to have in your home. It will get a comment every time.

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Pea Plant

We have the sweat peas only. The sweat pea is usually bought the most, so we only sell the sweat pea.

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Radish Plant

The radish plant is a wonderful plant to eat.

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Cabbage Plant

If you like leafy products this is the plant for you.

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Lettuce Plant

This is another leafy plant, but it has more taste. Lettuce is a wonderful plant to grow.

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Corn Plant

Who doesn't love corn. We have only sweet corn. Corn is the greatest vegetable ever.

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Onion Plant

We only sell the white onion. Don't cry over the price of the onion.

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