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* Annual/Cannot withstand cold weather, arrive at the end of the season. Size ranging from about 6 inches to 2 Feet Tall. Available in red, shades of pink, scarlet, purple, many shades of blue, yellow, white, orange, and lavender. Some are bicolored, having stripes or contrasting colors. Should be grown at least 9 inches apart, and needs full sunlight



* All types of shrub roses available. Including; Species Roses, Old Garden Roses, Modern Cultivars, Climbers, Ramblers, and Standard Roses. Needs at least 2 deep watering per week. Do not plant too closely together. Follow planting requirements for each particular variety when purchasing.




* Available in white, pink, and rose petals. Daisies are perennials. Needs full sunlight. Plant about 9-12 inches apart. water regularly during dry periods. In cold weather regions, provide a thick layer of mulch for winter protection.


* Zinnias are annuals. Height ranging from 6 to 40 inches. Diameter varying from less than 7 in. Colors include, white, yellow, orange, red, rose, pink and multi-colored blooms. Needs full sunlight. Water once or twice a week and more in dry periods.


* Daffodils are annuals. Plant in groups of 10 or more. Daffodils will grow in light shade but do better in full sunlight. Should be planted in Fall or when the soil has had time to cool. While preparing the soil, a completer fertilizer should be worked in. Water once a week. Do not plant to closely together. Available in a variety of colors.




*Lillies need soil that is well drained. Should be planted at least 12 inches deep with a distance of 6 to 7 inces apart. Avoid overcrowding lillies. They need plenty of space. Watering should be enough so that the bulb is always moist, yet you should never overwatter, this will cause the bulb to rot.



* Verbenas are annual. They need to be fertilized only once a year. They should be watered regularly until the plant is well established, afterwards they should be watered only during dry periods. They also need to be planted in a very sunny area. These plants need 8 to 10 hours of direct sunlight everyday, and a well drained soil. Bloom from spring to early autumn. Flower colors include; pink, purple, and shades of pink.



* Rhododendrons are annual. Plant during the spring or fall. Water them during the summer if rainfall is less than 1 inch per week. Should be planted 2-6 feet apart. Needs acidic and well drained soil. Flowers are available in magenta or shades of purple, pink or red, or white.


(Morning Glory)Description

Morning glory's can be planted in the garden from seed, but you'll have earlier blooms if you start them indoors the first 5 or 6 weeks. The Morning Glory likes to face East while they bloom in the mornings and fade away in the afternoon. So don't plant morning glories facing the West. Although they fade away every day new ones will be there to bloom in the morning. Morning glories reseed themselves and its almost impossible to keep them in one place. You should choose a planting sight with full sunlight and moist soil. Color varies.



Sorrel is a perennial. Full sunlight is prefered but they will grow in some amount of shade. Needs rich, moist, but well drained soil, that is mildly acidic. Plant an inch deep and seperated about 1 foot away from each other. Sorrels need to be quite-well watered. Color varries.